Writer Shed Press is accepting submissions for book-length manuscripts. We are planning our second full-length book release in late 2023 or early 2024. Submissions are open now for creative nonfiction works.


Creative nonfiction/memoir on the broad themes of nature, wilderness, wide open spaces, and how the natural world meets the human world; how this relationship makes us whole. Tells us a story of travel, of solitude, or embedding oneself in wild spaces. Stories of walks, hikes, cabins, animals, birds, trees, flowers, mountains, the sea—make us want to see how nature heals and restores us both physically and emotionally. Surprise us.


  1. The full manuscript should be no more than 60,000 words and complete.
  2. Should be a work of creative nonfiction. No fiction or poetry.
  3. The story(stories) should be based broadly on the description above.
  4. The manuscript must NOT have been published previously. (Portions published as separate entities are permitted)
  5. Submit the first chapter ONLY embedded in the email. (NO attachments) If we like what we read we will ask for the full manuscript. Because of the volume of submissions we cannot respond to every submission. If you do not hear from us by fall, 2022, we have determined that your work is not right for us at this times. However, feel free to reach out three months after submission if you have not heard from Writer Shed Press.
  6. In your submission include: Full contact information, a brief bio, word count of your full manuscript, and the first chapter only (as noted above..
  7. Author retains copyright.
  8. Book will be published in late 2023 or early 2024.
  9. This is a traditional publishing contact. There is no cost to the author. Royalty details will be disclosed in the formal offer.
  10. We are a small press and are looking for authors who agree to take on self-promotion of the book along with us. We hope to establish a partnership.

We encourage new authors to submit.

Submit at: writershedpress@gmail.com SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEGINNING March 1, 2022, DEADLINE: December 1, 2022