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WRITER SHED STORIES: VOLUME 2  Love and Sacrifice is now available. It is the second edition in the Writer Shed Stories series. Writers from all over the world. Short stories, personal essay, and poetry. 

Writers in this edition: Geralyn Hesslau Mcgrady, Rob Armstrong, Veryan Williams Wynn, Gale Acuff, Juliana Johnson, Nick Young, Jeannine Burgdorf, Cyn Kitchen, Jillian Quist, Barbara Yauss, Suzanne Eaton, James W. Gaynor, Suzy Jackson, Bill Mathis, LB “Brigid” Johnson.

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Vol. 2



WRITER SHED STORIES, Vol. 1 (Paperback, 2019)

Eleven writers from all over the world offer fiction and creative nonfiction in the inaugural edition of this literary collection.

Contributing writers: Floyd Sullivan, Maria L. Berg, Nick Young, Laura Young, Andrew Cairns, Iliana Genkova, Veryan Williams-Wynn, Cody Sexton, Esperanza Smith, Sandra Colbert, and Randy Kim.

NIGHT RADIO: A Love Story by David W. Berner.

The top-reviewed novel’s re-release.. 

Jake Mulholland dreams of becoming the next great rock ‘n’ roll radio personality. But like his father, his appetite for love conflicts with his thirst for success, leading to an unforgivable mistake. Jake finds fame but also the excess of celebrity, and just as he begins to rediscover his authentic self, he’s shaken by the news of a life-altering secret. In an effort for redemption, Jake plans a special New Year’s Eve broadcast that will be the biggest challenge of his life.

Night Radio is a love letter to music and rock ‘n’ roll radio of the 1970s, the story of an American boy and an American family, and of dreams just out of our reach.

Now Available! 


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This year’s theme: LOVE AND SACRIFICE. 

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